In Fargo, Lester, the protagonist, gets remarried, and quickly we’re introduced to him being an adulterous husband. They are in Vegas, sitting at a bar, and his wife wants to go to bed. Lester sees a woman in a red dress pass and says he wants to stay out of another drink. A few hours later after witnessing a murder he’s on the run, and in the middle of the night wakes Linda up and wants to take the first flight back home. Linda questions, but goes along with it. The next day, a police officer interrogates them about Vegas. Linda says a line that completely seals her character as the oblivious wife.

“So you won an award,” the officer asked.

“That’s right,” Lester said.

“Salesman of the year,” Linda said.

“Oh, uh, yeah,” Lester said, “I— it was a national competition, so… ah, then it was dinner with Buck Young, who’s the head of the whole deal that gives the award. That was some spread. I think we closed that place down, (chuckles) drinking. And I said I’m still up for some fun, and Linda said she wanted to go to bed.”

“I’m a morning person,” Linda said, her face helpless.

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After that line and that facial expression, we know exactly what their marriage is. Linda thinks Lester to be a hero, and she’s completely oblivious to his sinful intentions. Fargo is full of great characters, like Linda, who give us insight into the difference between what we say/think and what’s reality.