Although this blog is mainly a place to put my thoughts and learnings and a place to pretend to be a writer — I will try and keep the bystanders in the loop of what I’m talking about.

At the start of the year, I began working with a story coach. Along with her, I have been building a story from the starting seed of an idea, into a world. Our current rhythm: we schedule a call, three weeks out. I work 5 days a week, studying, theorizing, and tapping the keyboard, hoping I’m tapping in the right direction. Then, with a deadline, 3 days before the call, I compile my writings, my ideas, and my wonderings into a manuscript, and I send it her way.

Each time, I learn a little more about writing theory, about managing being a writer, and about myself as a human in this crazy world. Each time I get closer to becoming an author. The first few manuscripts, I flailed my arms about, splashing water around every which way, just praying I’ll make it to the next manuscript. Now, after four months, although my arms are still flailing, they’re in a rhythm; I stay afloat. And as I can finally poke my chin in the air and breathe, I’m inspired to share this journey.