While reading fiction, I like when the author is able to teach me something interesting about the world and they do it without slowing the story down.

Here’s My First Try at That

       “I refuse,” he persisted, “to sit through that lecture again and replan all of this out.”
       I laughed and I knew it was going to be difficult to walk the other way. This struck me, how persuasive Dave was, and today’s lecture flashed into my mind, my professor harping about Aristotle: “Aristotle advocates, three techniques of persuasion,” my professor said, “logos, ethos, pathos. Logos is persuasion through logic. You should put your money in the stock market because it will grow 7% each year. Ethos is persuasion through character. I’ve studied the markets my whole life, this is my profession. Trust me to invest your money. And lastly pathos, the persuasion through emotion. IF YOU DONT INVEST YOU WILL MISS OUT ON THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY OF YOUR LIFE.”
       “Look at you,” I said to Dave, “using pathos to persuade me with comedy.”
       He laughed. “I knew I would get you.”

Because of scene research and prewriting, this came out naturally.