Last blog post I listed what I obsess over, which was a list of five things that came to mind. Now the question is how to share these. One method is just to speak on bits and pieces of each of these and see what comes of it. This would be a generalist approach, talking about all your obsessions. Would it be better to focus on just one of these? Tim Ferriss says: “Should you be a specialist or a generalist? Be a specialized generalist.”

He recommends you to combine two skills that are valuable and rare together. (Thus becoming even more valuable and rare.) Like a computer science degree and a law degree. Or extreme knowledge in finance and in computer science. When you do that you find this rare niche that others can learn from and integrate into their lives.

When I look at my list of obsession (much longer than the five I wrote in the blog), I see I could combine my knowledge for productivity and stress-free work, with my knowledge of how to build stories from the ground up. That’s my niche. I can help others find a system that helps them manage becoming an author. This would include some skillset around researching for novels and teaching others how to build a story world by collecting useful information each day. This skillset is still in the works for me which is great news! That means I can capture another niche ~ I will be a curious documentarian of my work — both on twitter and in this blog. I will continue to question and wonder how stories work and how we use language and how we can make a difference through stories, meanwhile, I will be open and creative and share my process as I learn this skillset.