Every day I get a little better at delivering some final packet of information that I could share with someone else.

I use a writing program that allows me to take snapshots of my scenes (to save drafts). Previously, I would take these snapshots just when I felt like the scene has changed a lot. Now I’m focusing each writing session on producing a new snapshot, a new packet of information. Here’s my current scene: image info

Here I have five different versions of my scene, each could be shared with a different purpose. The first scene, Draft1, is my stream of consciousness draft. The 2nd, I focused on internalizations, thoughts and desires. The third, on emotions and tones. The fourth, on scene structure and pacing. And the last on reducing information, cutting and trimming. This mental model to imagine the packet’s end state creates this focus to deliver. Not only do I seek that end state, but then I finalized it, I clean everything up, as if this is a completed piece of work. I deliver.