In Season 6, the Ad Men…(I just realized, Mad Men, Ad Men. Clever.) In Season 6, the Ad Men are about to present to Hersey Chocolate, a huge potential client. Don gives a great presentation. The room is delighted. The client says, “sweet tales of childhood,” referring to the speech Don just gave. Don pauses. His hand starts to tremor. He’s reminded he’s a monster and decides he needs to try and make the world better. For the first time in six seasons, he tells a story from his childhood.

I’m sorry, I have to say this because I don’t know if I’m going to see you again. (Another beat.) I was an orphan. I grew up in Pennsylvania…in a whorehouse. I read about Milton Hershey and his school in Coronet magazine or some other crap that girls left by the toilet. And I read that some orphans have a different life there. I could picture it. I dreamt of it—of being wanted. Because the woman that raised me looked at me every day like she hoped I’d disappear. Closest I got to feeling wanted was from a girl who made me go through her Johns’ pockets while they screwed. If I collected more than a dollar she bought me a Hershey Bar. And I would eat it alone in my room with great ceremony. Feeling like a normal kid. It said sweet on the package. It was the only sweet thing in my life.

He sacrificed the business to do what’s right. After the businessmen leave the room, he turns to one of his partners and tells him he can go to California in Don’s place, something Don didn’t want to give up.

By expressing himself, Don has changed.