This is an extension of the last post, in session workflow. Lately, I’ve been working with a scratchpad and pen in front of me. Whenever I feel distracted, I draw a checkbox and think of the simplest thing I’m trying to accomplish. Say my overarching session goal is to write a blog entry. A simple task might be to write a bullet point outline. Or even simpler would be: write the one truest sentence on my mind, (about the blog entry). In this post that would be: when you are distracted and you can’t focus, make your task simpler, make it as basic as you can. Then do it.

This goes for any and all kinds of tasks, not just writing. If I’m not making progress and scattered brain, I will pause and write out the next little packet of information for me to complete. In this simple step, it becomes an anchor for the mind, like a mediation. Whenever I’m distracted, I can read this simple task and refocus myself. When I’m lost again in thought, I read it and refocus. After I complete it, I try and complete the overarching task, and if I need to simplify again, I do so. And so it goes until you complete the session.

A actual mediation practice would be less stressful but who’s got the time for that. ;)