In late 2019 I started to build a digital management system, some system to keep track of my work. Before this, I sluggishly did it all by pen and paper on a daily agenda. Quickly I saw the potential of a digital system, and I started consuming all kinds of resources on productivity and personal knowledge management. But never did know why I wanted a system.

What is the goal of being more productive? I had thought to achieve all my ambitions. Thought to produce something of value. To have an impact on the world. To make money. And all of these are good and valid reasons. But there’s a more fundamental reason. I want a productive system to easily achieve all of my ambitions. To easily produce something of value. To easily have an impact on the world. Easily make money. We seek a system to make life easier for our future selves.

I want to say, the majority of what I learned in 2020 comes directly from two sources: (1) David Allens Getting Things Done, and (2) Tiago Forte’s blog, praxis. I see things as the yin and yang of productivity. David focuses on how to be present and clear-headed. Tiago expands his ideas and focuses on how to make life easier for your future self. Yin and Yang.