The blog was both a daily practice and a daily reminder of so much. In writing, I practiced writing short, simple pieces. I practiced limiting and eliminating tangents, practicing to only keep what matters and to cut everything else. The blog forced me to try and write a small contained story each day. On top of this, it reminded me to read and to capture my thoughts and to make notes — so that when I sit down to write, I have something.

But more of a meta-spiritual level, this blog has been an achievement for me. For years, I had wanted to start a blog. And for years, I never did. It needed to be perfect, I thought. Every word needed to offer value. But what I learned in 2020 was it’s not about the words, it’s about the expression. I look back on my year, and I can see, oh August I was passionate about stories and sharing movies. I can see in September, how I was getting trapped in ideas and in my head. And how in October, I was feeling sluggish and putting out frustrated over my content. And so on. This blog turned into a snapshot of who I am, (especially related to my writing journey). It became somewhere for me to store memories and mindsets. It became the one area of my life where I didn’t hide who I was.

Here’s to blogging in 2021, Ted.