Agendas become concrete when you know at what ends. In my recent scene, I had my character motivated to be in the cafeteria because he wanted to connect with others and he like having conversations. This begs the question that I didn’t answer: why, to what ends?

Here are two possibilities that come to mind:

  1. Some motive to get something for another person, to manipulated and take something.
  2. To meet people and make ongoing relationships.

As simple as that seems, it makes a world of difference while scene writing.

If my character’s motivation is to meet people and make ongoing relationships, I can show him walking in, waving at many different friends. While, if another character’s motivation is to take something, I can show him bee-lining towards his target, unconcerned about the others around him. When you know the ends, you know the purpose, your mind will create great examples for you to show your reader.