I can’t stop thinking of the lowercase post. I value every single keystroke in writing and pick apart each stroke to ensure it’s the right one. It blows my mind thinking there are circumstances that writing in lowercase will communicate more effectively. And I’m already seeing it in my own communication with my friends and family. A text: “how’s your day going?” reads so much more friendly than “How is your day going?” I’m not overthinking this. The capital letter contains more pressure to respond, it’s serious and has an authoritative command. There’s a time for that, just not then.

Maybe a friend is going through a hard situation, like his grandpa — who he used to share a snickers with every 1st of the month — just passed away. Now, “How is your day going?” is better, since it’s more sincere, and more wanting to truly know. Please, tell me. Followed by a simple lowercase, i’m around if need. It’s caring yet no pressure. You take your time.

I will make a lot of mistakes on my way to figuring this out, but that won’t stop me. I will continue to play and tinker and learn from those mistakes how to use writing to better connect with my family, friends, and community.