In book two, Morpheus, the lord of dreams, has a problem, a glitch in his matrix, what is called a vortex, a portal between the dream world and reality. Morpheus first learns of this when a few of the creatures escape his dream world, two monsters named Brute and Glob as well as one of the nightmares of the dream world, the Corinthian, a man with teeth instead of eyes, who feasts on the eyes of his prey. These monsters have escaped into reality because of the vortex which Morpheus sets out to close.

We learn the vortex is an innocence girl, Rose, who is trying to find her way through life. Rose thinks everything is normal even when strange things start happening around her. Her dreams and the stories she knows are becoming reality. After moving into an apartment that looked just like the dollhouse from her grandma’s, she meets her neighbors, Ken and Barbie, and strange sisters who collect spiders. Then typically what she thinks, what’s going to happen before it happens, both negative and positive thoughts, happens as she thinks it. Dreams are becoming reality. So, if she fears someone’s going to find her in this alley, then someone appears and finds her. And then maybe she hopes she’s saved by some superhero and some superhero shows up.

Can Morpheus capture these escaped monsters and bring him back to the dream realm before they corrupt earth forever? The whole series plays on this question of what is reality and what are dreams and is there actually a difference.