Why is it so fun to read about Loki?

There’s a Norse Mythology story called Freya’s Unusual Wedding. In it Thor is robbed of his hammer and sets out to get it back. He learns a frost giant has taken it and will only give it back if the gods marry him to Freya, the world’s most beautiful women. The gods, knowing that they can’t give up Freya, look to Loki for a plan. “Let’s dress Thor up as Freya and present him to the frost giant as his bride to be.” “And,” Loki goes on, “I will be your handmaiden.” Loki transfigures into a beautiful handmaiden, and the gods enact the plan.

At the wedding, Loki accompanies Thor, giving him directions on how to be a lady. Thor who behind his veil can only grunt back. The frost giant complements her on her meaty legs and her strong jawline. Loki tells him, no touching until after the wedding. While they dine, Thor eats a whole ox and drink a barrel of beer and the frost giant is in awe. And the entire evening, Loki chirps in Thor’s ear about being a proper lady and taming the savage in him and having manners and being pretty, “in order to get his hammer back.”

This is Loki’s dream. He doesn’t care about Thor’s hammer. What’s important to everyone else, food, power, sex, is rarely what drives Loki. He much rather spend his days, at his brother’s side, while his brother is being mortified, and Loki whispers sweet, nothings in his brother’s ear, knowing Thor is powerless.