My last major mistake was also related to how my character learns that he has this superpower to mimic natives.

My initial thought was he will notice a difference between a Colombian accent and an Argentine accent, and he will realize, to connect with the natives, you must match their way of speaking. From there, he goes on to pretend that he’s a native. Fooling others becomes a game for him, I said.

My coach attacked this, no, no, no. It’s not a game. Instead, what if he was out at a restaurant or a bar and someone mistook him for an argentine. It’s by accident that he learns, oh these people think I’m a native when I match their way of speaking. Only then does he realize the power in mimicking others.

While character building, I tend to give my characters too much consciousness over their own actions. I give my characters too much credit for understanding and dictating their own future. I forget that we humans are just failing about, learning from our mistakes and errors and misfortunes. Rarely do we learn any other way.