Similar mistake to the previous post on how I didn’t go deep enough into my character’s motivations:: My character discovers he has this ability to sound like a native Spanish speaker; no matter the country he’s in, he can perfectly mimic the accent. I had said this is his superpower. But my coach pointed out, okay, but what’s the purpose? What ends is this a means to? My answer was to connect with others. No, she said, at what specific ends?

I brainstormed some options and came back to her with: he’s going to be a politician, a man of the people, helping Spanish communities around Chicago. And still! She pushed me further. What specific outcome is he chasing after?

My current iteration is he will set out to teach and show first-generation born Americans their native culture, where they come from. He will start an organization that gives them the opportunity to travel to their native country.

Now, I need to figure out why. Why does this inspire him? How did he learn that’s what he’s going to do? What does that give to him internally?