In this series, I stressed the importance of becoming more in touch with your intuition, and often I spoke of it as if that’s the only thing that matter and as if the other side is evil, but that’s not that whole truth. The objective, laid out by Osho, is to strip away all of these blockages and move through the world based on your true desires and feelings in the present moment. The problem with that is life isn’t solely about the individual. It’s about the group too. And for a group to function, we need rules, we need our ego in order to get along and to help us survive.

The Ego is in fact vital to our survival. … Its proper role is to stand back and observe, to scan the horizon, to monitor the data coming in from both the outside and the inside, and then, out of its wisdom make the necessary life decisions. - Robert Moore King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

Without it, you might scream in a church because you feel like it. Or you might talk to a pretty girl even though she’s with a leather coated biker. It’s these blockages that remind you that’s not the best idea. There is wisdom, built up over a lifetime within some of these. It would be a shame to throw the baby out with the bathwater.