The common theme I noticed throughout this week is how these layers are all focused on desires and allowing desires to roam freely. Each layer corrupts you from naturally knowing and naturally acting how you want to act. Making the leap, as Osho says.

For most of my life, I’ve tried to break free from these blockages from the top down. Typically, I identify the hindering beliefs, or trapped emotions, or harmful patterns of thought, and then I design habits to overcome them. What could be easier is a bottom up approach.

This is what the great mathematicians do. They work on thousands of problems and examples and calculations. They work on them one at a time. And over the years and decades, their body collects the solutions. Until one day they intuitively move through the calculations, no longer having to go step by step. They make leaps.

We can do this with intuition. Collecting moments in our day where we follow our desire, moments in our day where we answer without much thought and simply follow our true self. Over time, as we collect experiences of trusting ourselves, these blockages will naturally be released, back from where they came, and you can begin to make leaps.