For example, if your sex center functions as a sex center, it is perfectly good. But people have been repressing it so much that in many people the sex center does not exist in their genitals, it has moved into the head. This is what overlapping is. Now they make love through their head—hence the great importance of pornography, visualization.

For starters, the difference between suppression and repression:

  • Suppression is consciously suppressing impulses. Repression is unconsciously denying impulses.
  • With suppression, we recognize the urge to throw something, and we breathe. With repression, we have the same events happen to us, but we smile through it, unaware that inside is turmoil.

For years, because of a job that demanded it, I trained myself to repress my emotions. In my work, it was as a sign of achievement if you could go through the job with a statued face. And now I have major energetic problems. First off, most of my energy resides in the only thing I allowed myself to feel, my head. Everything below the neck cut off. This caused grounding issues, and me to become “stuck in my head”. Vocally, all air coming from my belly is constricted and weak. It’s hard for me to yell, be it from fear, sadness, or joy.

Now for years after, I’ve been undoing all this harm. Through dancing I’ve learned to feel and use my joints, allowing me to intuitively dance. Through yoga, stretching, and ground-work, I’m gaining comfort on the ground; I can shift my weight around, roll my ankles, tumble my body, and the ground —- without inflicting pain —- holds me. And through breathe work and bioenergetics, I’ve begun to break the constriction in my belly and chest, and I can finally feel the joy in yelling.

Repression may be the longest-lasting harm and takes years of constant healing to even notice to tip of the iceberg.