Man goes on burdening himself because he cannot cry and cannot weep, it is “unmanly.” And women have been taught to cry and weep, it is perfectly womanly, so they go on crying and weeping even where it is not needed.

This is often the starting point of stories. In my coach’s system, I first identify the misbelief that has been culturally or parentally or eventually trained. And with that starting location in mind, I explore how my character lives out his life with that misbelief, watching how that belief evolves picking up new harmful beliefs, escalates becoming more harmful and damning, and expands rippling into other layers in his life, until soon the belief corrupts everything he does. And he’s in a dark place, unable to see a way out, a way back to his true self. And then, page 1 of our story begins, as he tries to return home.

Stories teach us to get more in touch with our intuition by exposing these misbeliefs and these corrupted layers that block us. The next blockage is a fault of my own: rationalization.