Your physical senses have been trained. You see things if your society allows you to see them, you hear things if your society allows you to hear them. You touch things if your society allows you to touch them.

A child sees a crystal glass on a ledge and reaches for it. His dad quickly slaps his hand away; it’s his father’s glass and is not for children. The child now knows crystal glasses are not to be touched. No matter how badly his physical body wants to explore the colors splitting through it, he must not touch the glass.

Or what natural part of our body grosses us out, or we’re uncomfortable with and wouldn’t want others to see. That we pick our nose when it’s irritating? That our shit doesn’t smell like roses? That sometimes we touch ourselves because it feels so good? As children, how many times were we yelled at for touching ourselves or picking our nose?

Many of these experiences corrupt our senses from experiencing the outer world like we truly want to.

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