Back in intuition: What are the extremes I talked about how Osho was the pinnacle of someone following his desires —- and solely his desires. When you study his work on intuition, you can start to understand his intentions and understand how he got to a place where he was misbehaving sexually and spending money without real purpose. His goal I believe was to strip away any and all cultural rules, and follow whatever desire is at the center. He wrote a book on intuition that delves into these cultural layers, and which he pinpoints as the corruption of intuition. Let’s examine those to get a look at how we can be more in touch with our true desires.

First, what does he mean when he talks about intuition? He says:

Intuition is a totally different kind of phenomenon from reason. Reason argues; reason uses a process to reach a conclusion. Intuition jumps—it is a quantum leap. It knows no process. It simply reaches to the conclusion without any process.

Many mathematicians have been able to do any kind of mathematical problem without going into its process. Their functioning was intuitive. You just say the problem, and before you have even said it, the conclusion will come. There has not been a time gap at all. You were saying it and the moment you finished, or even before you finished, the conclusion has come. Mathematicians have always been puzzled by these freak phenomena. These people—how do they do it? If a mathematician was to do this problem, it might take three hours or two hours or one hour. Even a computer will take at least a few minutes to do it, but these people don’t take a single moment. You say it, and instantly … So in mathematics, intuition is now a recognized fact.

So it’s a force that can make leaps without thought interfearing. If you are getting ready to go to dinner with your wife and she asks where do you want to eat? Your intuitive answer makes the leap to your real desire, let’s say Mexican food, without rationally knowing why. You don’t have to weigh the pros and cons, and you don’t have to reason a decision. You just know.

A corrupted intuition, then, would be a blockage to that force. Osho laid these blockages; there are five of them that I will go through one at a time, starting with physical blockages.