While watching anything, the emotions we feel are dependent on the character POV. What huge casts of characters have the advantage of is making us experience all kinds of emotions, depending on which character we are relating with. Here are a few examples from season1:

  • Jon Snow, one verse the group. We watch him try to earn his spot, while he’s constantly singled out because of his last name. We wait until he either joins, escapes, or destroys the group who opposes him, and when that moment happens it’s so satisfying.
  • Arya, drama. We’re introduced to her as she fires an arrow straight past her brother’s head who just had been struggling to hit the target, and she marks a bullseye. Arya’s desire to do boy-things causes drama all throughout her family.
  • Daenerys, horror. She’s powerless to anything for the first half of the story. Controlled by her psychopathic brother, who he “would let a tribe of savages rape her if that means he gains the crown”.

And on and on, the series goes, with its 52 main characters. An emotion for everyone.