With the release of a new Bill and Ted Adventures movie, the Keanu Reeves’s old movies are climbing the charts.

This one is about what if a small-town lawyer, played by Keanu, is recruited to work for a big New York firm and is thrown into the world of riches and temptation, with an overlording boss (Al Pacino) who is literally the devil.

We are left wondering: will Keanu save the world and overthrow his demonic boss’s plan to spread his evil outside the courtroom?

Those sentences are mouth fulls. Emotions?! What about emotions?

  • anxiety as Keanu fights much ultra-powerful boss.
  • mystery, maybe a sense of dread, as we wonder what’s behind all this lavish and lust and temptation. Seems to be a lot of asking, what is going on?
  • lastly, there was a hint of psychological elements; at one point Keanu thought he was kissing his wife, then it flashed into another woman.

Thriller, mystery, psychological, yes please, my kind of movie.