Now that our feet are grounded, how can we climb up to higher level goals? Simply ask why, over and over until you’re satisfied. Each time you ask it, you climb up one rung towards more abstarct goals.

Let’s try. Right now, a thought on my mind is to send my mom a video, a 30 second video updating her on my week. Why? Because I want to keep in touch with her. Why? Because we live far apart and it’s the best way to get a glimpse of each other’s lives. Why is that important? Because she feels included in my life and that means a lot to her. Why? Because she doesn’t have a big family but she can have a close family. Why do I want her to feel that? Because I want her to know I’m there for her.

My abstarcted goal: mom knows I’m there for her. That is something I value. And I believe I can achieve it in this moment by sending her a short video.