Another example of this. A great one: episode 2 of the show Vikings.

A few of the Vikings who we’ve been following and have grown to like arrive on an island of monks. I imagined them taking the island, robbing the gold and valuables, and going about their way. Suddenly, my favorite character begins to slice these innocent, arm-less monks into two. The slaughter begins. They massacre every single one of them. Then go on their merry way.

That’s a promise to us. This show will be about a bunch of savages. Get used to it or move on.

* * *

A final note: pay close attention to the first couple of scenes in anything you watch, anything you read, and you will see these promises. In Indiana Jones, the movie opens with Harrison Ford running from a boulder. After they promise you this adventure, they cut to him in a college where the action slows down, so they can set up some details of the story, before the real adventure. And in Game of Thrones, the show opens with a scene showing the white walkers. We won’t see them again until the last 10 seconds of the season, showing their army approaching.