Let me pause. This series – I realized while writing this post – seemed to be unfocused, debating something incredibly abstract and likely pointless: how do I distinguish thoughts which confuse my direction in life and thoughts which wisely question the decision. So instead I want to slow down and make sure I understand my agenda with this series. The purpose is to understand how I can get in touch with my true desires, with how I feel and what I want, both moment to moment and with life’s big decisions.

Before I started my blog, for example, I had many internal criticisms: care for the reader; write well; only post essays which have value; no one cares about what makes you laugh. Just laugh and stop thinking about it. Definitively, for the sake of god and all his children, don’t write a whole blog post about what makes you laugh. While these are healthy questions and thoughts, they blocked me from doing what I truly wanted…to blog every day. They caused confusion.

Through this series, I want to figure out:

  1. What blocks me?
  2. What are the dangers, both with being blocked and being too free?
  3. How to distinguish these?
  4. How does someone who’s rightly in touch with their intuition move throughout the world?

To jump the gun, my short answer to my agenda is to simply be in touch with what I want. What do I want in this moment? What do I want in my life? And ensuring I’m healthily in touch with those desires.