For at least 4 years, I’ve wanted to start a blog. My good friend, who was the inspiration for this, blogged every day, more as a commitment to himself than as a blog. See, the word blog has so many meanings and rules and restrictions in my head. A blog should be united around a theme, I thought. It should be quality over quantity. Each post must contain a value for the reader and be well-written. All of those preventing me from starting. I needed to strip the meaning, strip that word from my mind, and think of it differently.

My friend calls his, his own little corner of the internet. I’m going to climb on his shoulders, and follow his lead. This isn’t a blog. It’s my little corner where I can post whatever I please.

Last night, I gathered with a few friends and we had a creative night. We brought art supplies and it turned into a pure improv night. One guy mentioned he designed an alter-ego so that when he wasn’t working he could free himself up to relax and slow down. We flowed with it, that night creating an alter ego for each of us. We just played with them, weaving these together about how we each knew each other and about our dark secrets, about our dark selves. It was the most freeing night I’ve had in years.

And today I realized, I’m writing under a pen name to free myself up. From behind this mask, I can choose my rules. And I can post parts of me, which might otherwise be suppressed by my critical voice. It frees me up to play and to follow the muse, the muse of my intuition. I drop my self so that my little corner expresses all of myself.