One of the most haunting scenes I’ve seen is the famous mask party.

Tom Cruise finds out about a secret sex society from his friend who plays music at these parties blindfolded. He begs his friend for the details of the party, and after learning about it, he goes. Arriving late, he’s let in because he knew the secret password. He enters this grand castle, surrounded by the world’s elite. Everything is fine and easy to join, as he’s wandering the halls with beautiful women and people having sex all over. Everyone with a mask. He’s doing it. He’s here, no one batted an eye.

After a while, he’s asked to go to a certain room. As he enters this is awaiting him: image info

A huge pleasure exchange, going from the highest high to the lowest low. He’s questioned and quizzed and exposed. Told to get naked in front of everyone. He’s completely helpless. These elites could make him disappear with the snap of their fingers. It’s horrifying.