I watched this trailer without any idea what it was about. A smile sat on my face the whole time.

It’s a mockumentary, like The Office, but filming what vampires do when they aren’t hunting and sucking blood. The first clip was two vampires arguing about doing the dishes.

The trailer takes so many elements of vampires which we consider outer-worldly and makes them mundane and normal, like one of the vampier’s showing off his torture camber to the film crew. Also, the flip side, taking the mundane and making it outer-worldly, like watching these people with special powers struggle to get into a club. This is why I couldn’t stop smiling, every clip I was watching these two opposites clash together.

As for the storyline…I’m not entirely sure. I think it’s an idea story, where we are watching because it’s fun to think about what it would be like to be a vampire living in the real world, and we’re exploring the ramifications of that, in a comical way.

I will watch this soon.