In Breaking Bad, a scene that forever scarred me is based in a moral conflict.

Walter, who transforms into a major meth dealer, visits his much younger partner’s house. Jessie is like a son to Walter. Recently though he has been struggling with heroin addiction, and Walter feels responsible for his happiness.

Jessie fell back into addiction after meeting a neighbor girl. Quickly, she found out about a pile of money that Walter has of Jessie’s which with good intentions he was protecting for Jessie until he’s well. She loses control and makes all these crazy threats about ratting him out and calling the cops and such unless Walter hands over the money. Walter painfully does so, but that night, he returns to set things right and to work it out with Jessie.

When he arrives, Jessie and she are out of this world, high on heroin, and he’s forced to break in to make sure everything is okay. Inside the house, the neighbor-girl laying on her back starts to OD. Standing over her, she starts to puke right before his eyes. He has the decision. Be human and save her life-risking being caught. Or let her die in front of him potentially saving Jessie from further drug abuse and certainly saving him from the trouble of what she knows.

He watches her choke on her puke…for a deadful minute. God, it’s horrifying.