Because it is…

When Jonas makes the decision to kill the love of his life it’s a lack of control over his own actions. That’s absolutely horrifying. DARK constantly presents this theme: everything is determined, no matter how much you believe you have free will. And even no matter how it feels and appears you have free will, it’s still all determined. At first that appears to be tragic and sad. Experiencing this, however, experiencing this contradiction of feeling like you’re acting with free will yet this is already determined been liberating.

The predicted events of the show always happen as they should, reenforcing everything is determined. Yet moment to moment, we all truly are trying to do what we believe is best. We all are acting with free will. All we can do is what we think is right, then get out of our way. No character is ever doing something that they don’t believe is the right action. They act guided by invisible forces, and whatever happens, happens.

Each of us, in our forever misguided ways, is trying. Even the worst among us believe they are doing the right thing. And although it’s completely misguided, sad, horrifying, frustrating, they too are trying their best. We are all in this together.