When I browsed trailers, this movie kept showing up because of a 30th-year anniversary. It’s an eighties cult movie with an over the top comical premise which carries us through the movie, laughing and shaking our heads the whole way. What if two teenage boys had a beautiful model as a slave?

To create this model, the boys use “science”, computer programming with awful graphics, to bring a doll to life. The movie uses this fake science so overtly, we don’t care. They aren’t trying to pass it off as real, and because of that our minds just accept it.

This is just good communication by the producers. They understood if they walk that line between real and not, the audience will question. But if they show, they themselves don’t care about the science, then a healthy mind naturally understands what they are communicating, and completely neglects it.

This is a fundamental skill of a writer: controlling what the audience doesn’t see, controlling what their brain neglects, naturally.