Young Dustin Hoffman. Movie from the 60s. It’s difficult to get my girlfriend to watch any movie before the 2000s. But this one, perhaps she would watch because it seems like it could portray a character with some insights into who I am.


  • Drama evoked from an insecure young man, who while insecure is sought after. Opening shot: Dustin Hoffman alone, zoomed out he’s surrounded by hundreds of people.
  • Dramas focus on a character acting in such a way that he effects all of those around him. Here, Dustin is in a life-transition, just graduating college, and seems to be lost, sleeping with a married woman while being in love with her daughter. We feel constant frustration that he’s not embodying the confidence that’s in him.
  • We’ll be waiting and waiting for him to speak up for himself and take what he wants, instead of allowing other’s desires to control him. This was actually teased in the trailer, the finale, when Dustin stops a wedding for the women he loves.
    • Why would they show this? I remember watching ‘The Boy who Harnessed the Wind’, a movie about a boy in Africa who created a power generator from a windmill and saved the village from drought. I remember painfully watching that movie, waiting for the moment to happen we all knew would happen when he finally harnessed the wind. All that anticipation grows into a grand payoff and a huge cathartic release when he finally succeeds. I’m guessing this would have a similar effect.