• A thriller. There are many types of thrillers. Sometimes a character is trying to escape prison without being caught (Escape from Pretoria). Sometimes a character is in a physical life or death chase for his life, (The Game). Sometimes, the world is about to end or a city is about to blow up, and the hero needs to stop that, (The Dark Knight). Gods of Egypt falls into that last category.
  • Typical emotion experienced: anxiety, stress that the hero won’t save the world, or find the serial killer before he kills again, or escape with his life. We watch them succeed often, yet things get worse and more difficult (Jame Bond movies), and we have that question in the back of our minds: will he save the world in time?

Other emotions in this movie:

  • wonder, in awe over watching the God battle.
  • humor, likely a lot of status changes, humans acting like gods, gods acting like humans. This kind of humor is very common in superhero movies. (Often done at the expense of real emotion. Instead of allowing sadness arises, the writer throws in a cheap joke.)

* * *

My goal here is to better understand movies before watching, by focusing on what emotions will be evoked rather than the movie shelf genres. ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ is a very different movie from ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’. The first we are going on an adventure, watching this feeble boy become a superhero, the other we are watching a superhero, run for his life verse an evil government while trying to solve a mystery. Same movie shelf genres, completely different emotions evoked.

Original idea: Element Genres.